There’s always the thoughts that creep up into my head late into the wee hours of the night that try to discredit the miracle of the cross. Last week was one of those times and I didn’t think that I could crawl out of the rabbit hole fast enough to see the woman that I’ve become, the woman that God sees.

I think that living in the constant “know” of what everyone is doing and what everyone is saying cripples us to hear the voice within ourselves that we must listen to the most.

I challenge you (and myself) to turn down the noise of the world and listen to what your soul is telling you.

“You’re intelligent.”

“You’re beautiful.”

“Next time don’t be so rude, do you know what he/she is facing?”

“Let’s forget about that scar that was years ago and be thankful for the present.”

Isaiah 55:8
His thoughts towards us are beautiful!! It’s time we begin to believe them!!


Glittered in Grace

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