Head Wraps + High Color

Hey guys! What a time to be ALIVE! Right?! We are all stuck in the house, trying to navigate these times, reconnecting with old friends, connecting with family, or getting things knocked off of our to-to list and making time for what really matters. In the midst of all that’s going on I’ve gotten my butt up off the couch and managed to start up this blog once again in an effort to give it all I have this time around!

I have somewhat of a plan and taking it day by day; learning as much as a I can. I wanted to share this fun shoot that I had in my back yard and bring you along on my journey of playing dress up and playing with one of my favorite aspects of fashion; COLOR!

I love a good head wrap. The one that I’m wearing in these photos was the inspiration behind this shoot! I can’t say “no” to a good pop of color whether is be a bold lip or a statement piece that puts your confidence level at a 100! It’s just something about slapping on a red lip and telling the world with a slick side eye, “Try me!”

Let’s also remember that a head wrap can just be for those days where you just don’t have the energy to deal with your hair. Not only can you express your own style through the head wrap but it can be SO efficient in the natural hair game! Right, ladies?! LOL

Here are the products that I used for the two photos above and a brow pencil that I can’t live without given that I haven’t had mine done since who knows when…

These are really BOLD ones! Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in Vivid Violet
NYX Liquid Suede in Little Denim Dress
NYX Fill + Fluff eyebrow pencil in Expresso

I love a good matte lip if you can’t tell! Other great affordable brands that I can get down with are Morphe, ColorPop, and just about anything by Milani! With Summer on the way what is a color that you’re wearing these days? Even if it is to go to the couch! Ha!

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