Current Skin Care Routine!

The best foundation you can wear is healthy glowing skin.

Happy Sunday, fam! This is probably my second favorite day of the week after Monday because SKINCARE!! I wanted to share with you what has been working for me recently with my skin care. If you’re a thrifty girl and can get down with the drugstore brands then this post is for you! I sneak in a few high end products to keep a nice balance.

In these winter months we gotta make sure we are drinking our water, minding our business, and giving our body the care that it needs. Amirite?! I wasn’t big into skin care at the beginning of the year but quarantine has brought out all kinds of things in us, huh?! LOL I would just wash my make up off and put on a moisturizer at night and call it a day. Now if I skip a step or get thrown off my face can tell! HAHA

First things first! Make up removal! I like to take my make up off with an oil. The Palmer’s Moisturizing Body Oil is perfect for this! It’s lightweight, gentle, and has an awesome scent to it!

Anyone else do their best self care in the shower?! That’s how I roll! I have a serious rotation situation going on but the top contenders are going to surprise you!

I have been a long time user of all things E.L.F since I was allowed to wear make up. I decided to try out their Brightening Supers Regimen and it has not let me down yet!

The Super Clarify Cleanser is the first step containing B3 and Lavender. I use a small amount to rub over my face and rinse off.

Next is the SuperTone toner. I tried this step and it was a little strong for my skin. The Thayer’s Cucumber Facial Toner has been my favorite lately! I like the light cucumber scent that it has. Any chance to incorporate veggies into my diet hey, I’ll take it!

The SuperHydrate is next in the E.L.F. lineup for adding moisture! Y’all this stuff smells SO,SO good! Insert praise hands! It’s fast absorbing, non greasy, and Squalene rich!

For extra love to my face I’ll use the SuperMask which has cica, Lavender, ceramides, and cocoa butter! All the good things to keep you glowin’ and growin’! I used this once a week or so! It has a jelly consistency and goes on like butta!

This is what has been working for me so far and I can’t tell you enough how important it is to drink water first, fam! It’s literally THE BEST for your body! Eat your veggies, be kind, and let that skin thrive! Let me know in the comments what your favorite skin care product is right now!

Other products that I’m using:

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer

Aveeno Exfoliating Face Scrub

Tula Purifying Face Cleanser

When you take care of YOU then you can take care of others! Happy self care!



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