What I Wear in a Week

I can’t tell you how much I love to get dressed in the mornings! In my adult life this has been one of the simplest things that brings me JOY! I mean, I get to pick out an outfit every night (if I’m lucky) or every morning and it is one of the ways I set the tone for my day. If you’re anything like me, you already kinda have your favorite pieces in the closet that you wish you could wear over and over again or all at the same time. Anyone? No, just me? I work in retail and I am OBSESSED with putting outfits together and having a vision for an item! Ugh, it’s just so fun it hurts, y’all!

So I decided that I would take you along for a journey of what I wear in a week and give you a glimpse into the facets of my wardrobe. My closet has a few staples and I’m working on getting more. I’m the type of shopper that builds around one top or one bottom. For example, I remember in college when I had these BCBG pink heels that I bought at Belk. I was BEYOND proud of this purchase and I tried my hardest to center every outfit around them. Jeans, shorts, a dress, a tank top…the pink heels were going to be worn, sis! Please understand! The same still holds true today. HA! I’m currently staring at a crop top that I can’t wait to put on when my package arrives.

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Monday: I love to start the week off in an outfit I feel confident in! I love a good neutral look so I went with a basic tee and a taupe cardigan, jeans, and my favorite neutral booties!

Tuesday: What blazer have you not known to make you feel like a straight boss?! I’ll wait! I LOVE a good blazer! This one is an oldie but goodie from my aunt’s closet back in the day! I paired it with a turtleneck, and OTK boots.

Wednesday: This may look familiar if you follow me on Instagram! I got this dress from Zara for $20!! I was determined to make it me! How’d I do?! I paired it with my fun slouchy boots, a fedora and I was ready for the day!

Thursday: In my mind you can’t go wrong with a classic satin shirt with fun floral applique details on the cuffed sleeve! We love a good detail, chile! Another show of the neutral booties that I live in!

Friday: I went for an all black vibe and was so pumped about how the look all came together! A cute babydoll tiered top with distressed denim to give it some edge!

My motto: Use what you already have, girl! Shop your closet and make your favorite pieces new again!

Let me know in the comments your favorite outfit to repeat! Until next time!


Glittered in Grace

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