Georgia Grace aka G.G.

I have always been a dog person but I didn’t know how much of a dog person I would be until I got my own! Y’all! This dog is literally THE BEST DOG EVER! I’m sure I’m saying that because she’s mine but she has been the sweetest addition to my life and I didn’t […]

Summer Dress Styles I’m Loving

It’s Summer time in GA and between the heat and the bugs the only way to get some relief is a cool dress! I wasn’t a huge fan of dresses for a long time but I’ve come to appreciate the convenience of what they bring to the table. I’ve gathered some of my favorites. These […]

ROSEN Skin Care Review

Hello! It’s been so long since sharing some skin care with you! I recently discovered Rosen skincare and I wanted to let you know how it’s been going. There’s so many different methods to skincare these days and I think I’m on the right track for what’s working for me. I hope that you can […]

What I Wear in a Week

I can’t tell you how much I love to get dressed in the mornings! In my adult life this has been one of the simplest things that brings me JOY! I mean, I get to pick out an outfit every night (if I’m lucky) or every morning and it is one of the ways I […]


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