Summer Dress Styles I’m Loving

It’s Summer time in GA and between the heat and the bugs the only way to get some relief is a cool dress! I wasn’t a huge fan of dresses for a long time but I’ve come to appreciate the convenience of what they bring to the table. I’ve gathered some of my favorites. These are all affordable, can be used for casual dress or if you have any upcoming events they can make you shine even more!

  1. The Babydoll Dress: this style is the epitome of femme for me! It’s brings an element of girl and frills that are just unmatched. Shop some cute babydoll styles here.
  2. The Smocked Dress: if you’re into a fitted style but want the comfort of casual then let that smocked dress enter the chat, sis! This trend has been popular for a while and I don’t see if going anywhere anytime soon. Here are some cute ones to shop!
  3. The Ruched Dress: I didn’t think that I would like this style but her we are; living my best life in a basic black one with no regrets! Hey! I don’t workout during the week to stay in a paper sack and not show off my figure! Live, honey, live!! Shop some cute ruched dresses here!
  4. The Slip Dress: Can we take a moment to appreciate what this dress does and who this dress is?! I have come to love the slip dress! Sleek, comfortable, and just so easy to dress up with a heel or a dress down with a sneaker of flat! Take a bow, honey! If you didn’t know this is a slip dress stan blog, mmmkay?! Shop nsome of the cutest slip dresses here!

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I hope you’re living your best life this Summer! Staying hydrated, getting outside with your friends and family, and minding your business!

Until next time,

Glittered in Grace

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