Georgia Grace aka G.G.

I have always been a dog person but I didn’t know how much of a dog person I would be until I got my own! Y’all! This dog is literally THE BEST DOG EVER! I’m sure I’m saying that because she’s mine but she has been the sweetest addition to my life and I didn’t start appreciating it until recently. Keep reading if you want to know the story about how Georgia Grace (G.G) came into my life. Grab your tissues or maybe I just need to grab mine!

I knew that back in 2014 I wanted to adopt a dog but I didn’t really know the breed and what to look for! I randomly told my roommate, “I think I want a dog!” and we ended up going to a shelter in Atlanta because our local shelter was low on what I was looking for. I finally decided on a Black Lab as the breed. Bruh, do you know how rare it is to find a Black Lab in an animal shelter?! Lol I didn’t know! No one told me! Haha So we went to look at a few dogs that we saw on the website all being Black Labs. One of the first dogs we encountered, I will NEVER forget, was Kenny. That was the name that they had given him at the shelter and we were like, “Y’all came up with the name Kenny for him?!” Like, no! So they got him out of the cage and let us play and walk around with him for a bit and we kinda immediately knew that Kenny wasn’t the one! His temperament was off and I’m sure because he had been in the shelter for God knows how long he was a little skiddish. My roommate had brought along her college friend and she decided to wander around and look at other dogs. She came upon a cage that had a toffee colored shepherd looking puppy in the cage who looked like she was literally screaming, “Please take me away from this place!”

First look at “Ladybug”

The name on the cage was “Ladybug”. For real?! I think we just didn’t like the names that they were giving these dogs…tragic! We got to get her out of the cage but we couldn’t go outside because the puppy was too young and it was like December in GA and we just don’t know how to conduct ourselves when it get too cold in the South! Ladybug’s story: she had been found on the side of the road and had been at the shelter for about two days! Y’all! What a precious, precious thing she was! She was so playful and fun! Lil cutie was adopted that day! We were unable to take her home because she had to be spayed and get some other shots. We had to leave her over the weekend and pick her up the next week.

Success! You're on the list.

That name had to be changed immediately lol! So we decided to not make it too complicated so we went with the state we live in, Georgia, and because we believe in the good Lord, Grace. Henceforth from that day she shall forever be known as Georgia Grace aka G.G!! Fast forward to 2021 and she’s still kickin’!! There were some learning curves of what to do when she got into ants or ate something random but for the most part sis is pretty chill and goes with the flow. Some of the things I love about her are how she will bark when she knows you’re about to leave the house yet can’t wait for you to be gone so she can just chill by herself. Ha! The way she just knows to stop by the treat jar after coming inside from going potty; how she knows to expect a GOOD treat if she’ll be at the house for a long time by herself. And if sis don’t play with the blanket she came come in at least twice a day then we have a problem! The risk you take of adopting a pet is all in the not knowing but what a fun blessing G.G. has been to my life. I just thought I would properly introduce her to my readers and let y’all know she’s part of my fam too!

we just all trying to strive to be G.G’s level of content

All in all, adopting a pet was a pretty fun experience and I would like to do it again to give G.G. a friend and give a dog a good home! If you have any pets let me know in the comments! What are their names and what’s your favorite thing about being a pet owner? Until next time!


Glittered in Grace

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