Mane Message

Hello all,

I wanted to share today a little about my natural hair care regimen and what I do to keep this mane in check!

Weekly Washing:

I wash my hair once a week depending on what my day looks like or how I’m feeling it’s typically on the weekends. Here lately it’s been in the middle of the week like TODAY!! Since natural hair needs ALL the moisture it can get, I only shampoo once a month to keep my natural oils from escaping. Here’s what I’ve been using lately for washing, conditioning, and deep conditioning.

Maintaining + Retaining Moisture:

I have been natural for almost seven years and moisture is STILL my biggest struggle. Because I have different textures all over my head I focus on bringing moisture to the more prominent texture, 4C, or so I’ve been told and observed for myself! Here’s the oil that I use to make my locks shine, shimmy, and SLAY!! This oil is amazing for not only hair but the body as well!


I have been, as I like to call it,  “a slave to the twist out” since becoming natural. It took about 1.5 years for me to perfect THAT!! Give me a sliver of my hair and I can twist the crap out of it! Hey, It’s. What. I. Do!! When it comes to a curling creme, hands down my all time favorite has to be this one! It smells like HEAVEN!!! These are the perm rods that I use to finish off styling my hair!

WHEW!! I know, right?! Try doing this every week! This is what has worked for me and I hope that you find your niche with your hair care regimen. Comment below letting me know what hair products make you feel FAB!!



Glittered in Grace

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